Global Brain Data Foundation

Safeguarding Neurodata

Nothing is more critical to achieving a thriving human future than ensuring the safety, security, and vision guiding one of tomorrow’s most ubiquitous and important technological frameworks: a massive database with a diverse cross section of neurodata accessible for both collective and individual purposes.

The Global Brain Data Foundation is a data repository and standards entity for the collection, accumulation, licensing, and use of neurodata.


We envision a world where neurodata is used to empower humanity and everyone has access to the support they need for personal wellbeing.



The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization established to empower human development and understanding through the ethical and (cyber)secure sharing, collaboration, and research of neurodata.”


Our Top Priorities

We are guided by the following values in the formation of a generative framework on neurodata that supports a successful future for all humanity: 



Provide safe, inexpensive, secure technology putting the individual in ultimate control of their own neurodata.

EMBEDDED integrity

Establish and enforce the highest possible ethical standards and best practices for all players in the neurodata space. 

transparent engagement

As the neuroeconomy surges into existence we work to ensure that governments, industry, and research all work together. 

ethical leadership

Provide the transparent leadership and framing essential to ensuring healthy development of this critical ecosystem. 

Our Work 

To realize the full potential of neurodata to support individuals and society we are focused on:


Work with industry stakeholders & governments on the future of neurotech

curating a brain database

A repository for the collection & management of neurodata

establishing best practices

Universal standards to ensure the highest possible ethics & behaviors worldwide.


Cutting edge, accessible technology created to support human flourishing and licensed to parties complying with established best practices..

Core Policy

No person or entity has the right to alter another’s data, behaviors, or consciousness without that individual’s explicit and specific permission.

Core Technology

A database, accessible for both collective and individual purposes, including full encryption security to protect the integrity of its information, embedded AI to maintain ever-evolving neural models, and obligatory best practices to ensure standards of use and interaction with neurodata.


Upcoming Events

Recent Events



Roundtable Discussion on “Science Over Stigma: Collaborating for Impact in Addressing Mental Health & Wellbeing,” hosted by Johnson & Johnson in partnership with the World Economic Forum during the Sustainable Development Impact Summit.

The Foundation’s leadership will participate in an initial roundtable discussion around the development of a new global coalition of public, private, and non-government organizations committed to ending stigma related to mental health challenges.



OECD Meeting of Working Party on Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies, “Building Capacity to Implement the OECD Recommendation on Responsible Innovation in Neurotechnology – the Seoul Event” 

Ryan Triplette, Director of Policy for the Foundation, will present the work, mission, and process of the Foundation on the second day of the online meeting. Additional information can be found here.     



Meeting on the Future of Consumer Neurotechnology and Neurodata Policy

First meeting of stakeholder interests to discuss policy priorities and considerations impacting industry and consumers. 



New York Spa Alliance

One our Directors, Devon White, will be speaking at NYSPA this coming September about the Foundation and its aims.   



Meeting of the Board of Directors.

First official meeting of the Foundation’s Board.


Human Impact Podcast with Ed Andrew: 

Co-Founders Ryan Triplette & Devon White Discuss The Foundation, Neurodata, and more with host Ed Andrew

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