About Us

The Global Brain Data Foundation is

  • .A tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization eligible to accept tax-deductible contributions.


  • Guided by a vision of a world where everyone has access to the support they need for personal wellbeing and neurodata is used to empower humanity;
  • Armed with a mission to realize the full potential of neurodata to empower human development and understanding through the ethical and (cyber)secure sharing, collaboration, and research of neurodata; and focused on supporting  scientific and practical applications of generative neurotechnologies within society


Why Now

The world is in a time of significant psychological distress. Forced isolation, record unemployment, and societal injustices are both the root and trigger for long established stresses and anxieties. 

At the same time, trust in established institutions – from governments to technology companies – has eroded. 

This period of upheaval, though, presents a unique opportunity to establish new paths forward that are: 

• Focused on the needs and rights of consumers individually and consumers collectively;

• Established transparently and collaboratively to provide a forum for the voices of all interested and impacted stakeholders; and 

• Designed to build trust in the use of technologies with the near-limitless potential to realize new levels of wellbeing and understanding to every person on Earth.

What We Believe

We believe that each individual has the right to the ownership and control of their personal neurodata and no person or entity has the right to alter another’s data, behaviors, or consciousness without that individual’s explicit and specific permission.

Who We Are


Leadership & Board of Directors 

Ryan Triplette

Co-Founder, Chairman and Director of Policy

Ryan Triplette is the founder of Canary Global Strategic, a strategic consulting firm focusing on the policy and regulatory needs of emerging / disruptive technologies operating in the US (Washington, DC) and Europe (Paris, France). Originally trained in law, Ryan has nearly 20 years of experience as a legislative negotiator, strategist and lobbyist on matters impacting the technology industry as a senior-level counsel / advisor within government, corporations, and consulting firms. She specializes in formulating and engaging multi-market strategic initiatives around regulatory and social licenses to operate that reflect the client’s corporate ethos while also responding to the needs of the public and policymakers. 

The “American in Paris” currently serves on the Board of Advisors for NukkAI, an explainable artificial intelligence company based in Paris, France, VP for Communications for the American Women’s Group of Paris, and a Member of the Society of Fellows for the Aspen Institute. 

Chris Keane

Co-Founder, Treasurer and Director of Technology

Chris Keane, PhD, is the founder of, and is leading the engineering at Launch Neuroscience. He pioneered the use of complex machine learning to enable real- time tailored neurofeedback training and holds multiple patents on the subject. He is the “man behind the curtain” who has created advanced technology for well known neuro-performance centers. Chris has previously led at C-Suite level multiple start-ups from a napkin-drawing to multi-million dollar industry leaders. He attributes his own technology experience and embracing a collaborative leadership style to his ability to build amazing, self-empowered teams. Prior to living in start-up land, Keane led the IT architecture and engineering group at a Fortune 500 computer company. The Australian native now lives with his wife and dogs outside Seattle, Washington. 

Devon White

Co-Founder, Secretary and Director of Marketing

Devon White is the co-founder and CEO of Field, a cutting edge brain optimization company specializing in personalized, precision-based neuro-enhancement experiences. He has over 20 years in performance coaching and human systems design. Devon is a master trainer in multiple communication systems and a global speaker on the intersection of technology and wellness. During his time in the industry he has worked with leaders in the fields of neuroscience, business coaching, therapy, body movement, biometrics, and human performance. Devon has tested and integrated their various modalities into a unique and comprehensive methodology and approach to neuro-enhancement and overall wellness and lifestyle optimization.

He currently resides outside of New York City with his wife and family. 

Nathan Hamilton

Director of Engagement

Nate is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Heritage Partners Group, a holdings company that invests capital into highly scalable business with enduring consumer brands. Nate has spent his entire career as an investor or entrepreneur, founding a direct private equity platform for family offices and advising the world’ leading technology companies while working at Goldman Sachs in New York. Nate is currently an owner and  Advisory Board of Family Office Exchange, the world’s leading network of multi-generational business-owning families. Nate brings expertise in entrepreneurship, brand building and capital raising alongside a passion for brain health.

Nate has a BS from Vanderbilt, an MBA from Chicago Booth and is a CFA charterholder. Originally a Chicago native, Nate has settled in Manhattan with his wife Christy.

Advisory Council Members

Enrique Aznar

Governance Advisory Board

Enrique Aznar is a lawyer and a business executive with especial focus in preventing risks and addressing legal, compliance, privacy and governance issues in complex environments. He has held senior executive positions in several multinational corporations in the telecoms and technology industries. He has led values-based cultural transformations and has advised on new ways of running businesses by replacing the conventional management hierarchy with power distributed throughout the organization. Since 2017, he advises on blockchain-related matters, including asset tokenization, self-sovereign identity and governance. He currently lectures Business Ethics and Blockchain: Legal & Compliance implications at IE Law School.

Enrique is admitted to practice Law in Spain, England & Wales.

Chris Disspain

Governance Advisory Board

Chris is the former CEO of the independent governing body/manager of the Australian Internet country code and the policy body governing the domain name system in Australia. He was instrumental in it’s endorsement by the Australian Government to become the manager of .au, responsible for guiding the country’s domain name system through the transition from an unregulated monopoly to a self-regulated, fully competitive, price-sensitive regime. During this time, he was the Chair of the Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO), a body representing the interests of the world’s Internet country codes in the international policy arena. Chris has been a member of the Board of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) since 2011, a non-profit organisation responsible for coordinating the maintenance, procedures and policy of the namespaces of the Internet, ensuring the networks stable and secure operation. He was Vice-Chair of the Board from 2017 until October 2019.  From 2006 until 2012 he was appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations as a member of the UN’s Advisory Group to the Internet Governance Forum. Chris has a law degree and is admitted to practice law in England & Wales and Australia.  

Steve Leiser

Neuroscience Advisory Board

Steve earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Drexel University College of Medicine and conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Pennsylvania & Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia studying how the brain encodes and processes sensory information.  In his career Steve has applied his in vivo electrophysiology knowledge to advancing the understanding of the neurophysiological substrate of brain disorders such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, autism spectrum disorder, and epilepsy. Steve is a specialist in preclinical EEG and has established over six different laboratories across academia and industry to study genetic and/or pharmaceutical effects on the brain and has published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He continues to present his research at scientific conferences around the world and engages in multi-national collaborative research on brain disorders and EEG. He currently resides outside of New York City with his wife and family. 

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