Data Repository 

To collect and curate unique neurological data at a massive scale to identify, refine, and accelerate our understanding of over-arching human traits and behaviors at both an individual and collective level.

How To Access 

In order to take advantage of the Foundation’s next-generation technology, any and all entities must sign an obligatory agreement to the best practices / standards established by the Board of the Foundation 


Why Store and Access Your Neurodata with Us?Safety & Security


All data will be secured by proprietary technology based on Smart Contracts stored in a privately managed blockchain ledger. Access to data is exclusively controlled by the data owner and access can be granted or revoked in real-time with fine granularity over a wide range of data subsets by using the “Alt Me” app developed by the foundation’s tech arm, Sixth Density Technologies, LLC. For more information on the Foundation’s data management practices please contact us at

Benefits for individuals 

  • A safe, secure, private, and free repository in which to store the data from their own brain;
  • The assurance that the individual, and only the individual, own that data;
  • Option to contribute personal neurodata to a global database being used for research. 

benefits to other legal entities

  • Access to a robust data set comprised of neurodata from a diverse cross section of contributors including academic, scientific, and commercial entities as well as individual data, as authorized;
  • Access to model dataset sharing agreements.

The Tech

Our technology is currently under development with a functional version expected in May 2020.

The database will include full encryption security to protect the integrity of its information, embedded AI to maintain ever-evolving neural models, and obligatory best practices to ensure standards of use and interaction with neurodata.