Educational Resources

To engage, exchange, and educate a range of audiences and facilitate an ongoing discourse around key issues facing the growth and successful utilization of neurotechnology today.

Our Educational Programming is currently UNDER DEVELOPMENT and will be coming soon.


Who is our Educational Programming for?  Ideally everyone but, as an initial matter, it will be used to disseminate information and research to consumers and citizenry about the fundamentals of data empowerment.  Additionally, it will provide a means for those engaging to input into the policy / best practices process.

As an initial matter, the Foundation intends to take up the following questions: 

• Data Empowerment
• What is neurodata and how is it different from the other data that is collected from individuals?
• What Right of Privacy is there with neurodata?
• Trends in Neurotechnology
• What does society need from future neurotechnologies to ensure human flourishing?
• How has the coronavirus pandemic reshaped market demand for neurotechnology and how should industry respond?