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One of the most critical elements in a flourishing future is our collaborative and multistakeholder approach to creating it. Below you will find descriptions of the four working groups designed to address and develop specific best practices for anticipated legal and societal concerns around consumer neurotechnologies. 

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Self Determination Working Group

First defined as the authority or ability of an individual to decide for oneself when and within what limits information about one’s private life should be communicated to others, self determination has taken on new meaning in the context of neurodata. This working group will take up questions such us: 

• Scope and limits of individual rights to and in neurodata

• How to enforce limited access and controls on neurodata

Transparency Working Group

Recent years have seen a range of data-based activities and practices come into question by regulators and consumers alike primarily for their lack of transparency and disclosure. This working group will address what is needed to build an environment of trust within neurodata dependent industries, including: 

• Nature and scope of consent prior to data collection
• Ongoing duty of disclosure 

Control Structures Working Group 

As best practices and policies are established, we are faced with logistical and engineering questions around how to adhere to and enforce them.  This working group will take up questions such as:
• Collaborative data models 
• Alternative security protocols  

Prohibited Uses Working Group

One of the most significant questions facing the neurotechnology industry today is that of whether just because we can, does it mean we should. This working group will examine where industry should either self limit the application of neurodata or use of neurotechnologies. 

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